BSZ für Technik III – Richard-Hartmann-Schule

BSZ für Technik III – Richard Hartmann Schule

Address: Annaberger Str. 186, 09120, Chemnitz, Germany

Telephone: +49 371 4884900




  • Electronics
  • Mechanics

Main working field(s) of the Job-shadowing activity

As we are a technical college we can offer job-shadowing in theoretical and practical classes of the above-mentioned sectors. Furthermore, information and the practice of the German dual learning system can be shown.

Good practice or activities to share

As already mentioned, we are a good example of the dual learning system and can present how the co-operation between school/company and theoretical/ practical training are organized. We are always interested in the ideas and best practices of other schools/partners in order to optimize our procedures.

Expectations for future collaborations

We are interested in K2 projects and, particularly, student exchange. 

Expectations regarding the profile of staff to host

We are only able to receive one person and some basic knowledge of German and a good command of English is required. Our visitors should be prepared to make his hands dirty when job-shadowing in the workshops.

Overall program for the job-shadowing opportunity

Day 1: Welcome and a tour through the school, first job-shadowing in VET classes, guided tour through Chemnitz
Day 2: Further job-shadowing and exchange with students and staff, museum visit, e.g. Industriemuseum Chemnitz
Day 3: Company visit at one of our partners, e.g. Siemens, Niles-Simmons, VW
Day 4: Further job-shadowing and exchange with students and staff, free time
Day 5: Day trip to Dresden or Leipzig.


March and April 2022 are the best time for a visit. Please keep in mind that we have the Easter holidays from 14 April to 24 April 2022. The school will be closed then.

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