Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Technology,G.S RAKOVSKI, Stara Zagora


Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Technology, G.S RAKOVSKI, Stara Zagora

Address: 185 “Georgi Stoletov” Str. 

Telephone: +359 878 991 660

Website: www.pgetstz.eu

Students: 274
Staff: 40


  • Mechanics, mechatronics
  • Energy
  • Electronics

Vocational High School of Electrical Engineering and Technology “G.S. Rakovski”Stara Zagora is a vocational school with a long history dating back to 1962. Since its establishment, 14,000 students have completed their secondary education and acquired professional qualifications there.

PGET offers education for students from 8th to 12th grade in the professional fields of “Electrical Engineering and Energy” and “Electronics and Automation”.

The general and most widely used subjects, which are studied by students in the 3 special classes in PGET are:

  • Electrotechnical drawing, technical mechanics, software products, electrical measurement;
  • Electric machines;
  • Operation and repair of electrical machines, etc.

These subjects are fundamental for specialists in the field of electrical engineering as they require practical training of students, in order to successfully enter the labour market.

The qualified pedagogical staff of PGET consists of 40 professionals.

In its activity PGET “G.S. Rakovski” is guided by the following priorities:

  • Supporting the individual education and professional choice of students and preparation for professional realization, in accordance with the requirements of the labour market;
  • Building a culture of behavior and relationships, respect for civil rights and responsibilities;
  • Strengthening the foreign language training in the Vocational High School;
  • Upgrading and in-depth training of technical and vocational training of students and mastering the latest technologies in the energy sector.;
  • Improving the quality of education in general education and vocational training;
  • Increasing the motivation of students for mandatory mastering of general education and vocational training as an opportunity for full realization and rapid adaptation in civil society;
  • Activation of the innovative potential for teachers and introduction of news in the educational process, improving the efficiency of vocational education;
  • Promoting mobility and partnership services among young people;
  • Improving the acquisition of professional and language competences of students in order to facilitate the professional and social realization of the European labour market.
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