Vocational High School of Transport “Vladimir Petkov Minchev”, village of Vladimirovo


Vocational High School of Transport “Vladimir Petkov Minchev”, village of Vladimirovo

Address: village of Vladimirovo, Montana Region, 71, Vladimir Minchev Street

Telephone: +359 95 142 376/894472670

Website: www.daskalo.com/pgtvladimirovo


Students: 170


  • Construction
  • Transport

The Vocational High School of Transport “Vladimir Petkov Minchev” is the only secondary school on the territory of North-Western Bulgaria that offers education and training in the following majors:  

  • Lifting and transport equipment
  • Road construction equipment

The high school’s slogan is: We keep traditions! We build the future! We seek challenges. VHST aims to be a school providing high-quality education and qualification for a successful career start.

VHST teaches students between 9th and 12th grade living both in the school’s area and in the nearby settlements. Presently, about 170 students study at the school. The school’s teaching staff has rich pedagogical experience, and ICT is more and more entering the learning processes. The school updates its material and technical bases on a regular basis as part of various national programmes.

The dynamically changing modern world requires attracting the biggest possible number of parents, social partners, representatives of the business and NPOs to share the school’s problems. Seeking new methods and approaches to ensure high quality of education and qualification is another of VHST’s priorities. The school’s mission is to create the best possible conditions for developing each student’s personality to allow them to achieve worthy labour and social integration.


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