Vocational School of Transport and Agrarian Technologies “Nikola Vaptsarov”, Haskovo

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Vocational School of Transport and Agrarian Technologies “Nikola Vaptsarov”, Haskovo

Address:Haskovo Хасково 6300, 1, Republika Street

Telephone: +359 38622783

Website: pgssthaskovo.com



  • Electronics
  • Transports

The Vocational School of Transport and Agrarian Technologies “Nikola Vaptsarov”, Haskovo was established in 1960.
Today it is a leading school in the field of car transport, which has established its authority among similar high schools in Haskovo and in the country.
The high school has the best facilities in the region. So far, more than 6000 students have graduated from the school. Many of them have also continued to obtain higher education. The schools’ graduates are active in all fields of public life. Many of them are owners or managers of transport companies, car services, control bodies. Others work in the car servicing sector.
The school meets society’s needs by creating conditions for learning the profession. It trains specialists knowledgeable and able to work in the field of transport, in both the state and the private sector.

The students are able to apply their knowledge, skills and habits in practice in the learning car service. There, guided by their tutors and experts, they take part in the labour process, get to know the profession and master their skills.

Some of the majors that the high school offers are:

  • Car transport technology with English
  • Car transport technology technician
  • Car transport technology fitter
  • Car transport operation
  • Electrical equipment in transport technology

In 2019 the vocational high school won two new projects for strategic partnerships under Erasmus+ programme. The project “Better Schools for Better Future” for exchange of best school practices among 3 European schools – vocational high schools from Bulgaria, Italy, and the UK, and the project CARE “Collective Action for Respect and Empathyin partnership with schools from 5 countries – Poland, Turkey, Romania, Lithuania and Bulgaria, is focused on overcoming problems related to behavior, abuse, violence, and developing positive social skills.

These projects will allow the school’s students to develop and establish contacts with European peers.


  • “Better Schools for Better Future”
  • “Collective Action for Respect and Empathy”
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