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Inclusion through Mobility

All over Europe there is a need for innovative ways to include young people in difficulty into education and training. Internships abroad offer great opportunities for learners as they have a positive effect on learning performance and motivation, support the further development of personality and significantly improve the chances on the labour market.

The Erasmus+ project InMobVET therefore developed the following resources to facilitate the inclusion through mobility:


  • A GUIDE FOR EDUCATORS includes information about the role of educators and parents, about motivational strategies, intercultural learning and of course international mobility.
  • A TRAINING MODULE ON INTERCULTURALITY aims to facilitate the inclusion of young people in the school community and to prepare young people with social and academic difficulties for the immersion in a foreign company during a mobility. It involves activities on cultural awareness, intercultural communication, adaptability, openness, self-efficacy and respect for others.


On our website ( you can find both resources as open educational resources.

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Blended Course, project approved: K-TOUR – A Key for Sustainable and Accessible Tourism

K-TOUR – A Key for Sustainable and Accessible Tourism is an Erasmus+ project that was born from the idea of the Istituto Tecnico Economico e per il Turismo “F. Scarpellini” (Italy) in collaboration with the European partners of the ENNE Consortium such as:

With the aim of supporting the use of digital tools in favor of eco-friendly and accessible tourism.

K-TOUR involves students from participating schools to:

  • Search for local tourism enterprises that are already promoters of ”eco-friendly and accessible” best practices;
  • Create a website for the promotion of the territorial touristic offer in line with the eco-compatibility and accessibility criteria – in order to enhance its visibility and establish its corresponding price;
  • Become best practices promoters.

More and more people around the world are using tour operators and online travel agencies to book and plan trips and vacations: K-TOUR supports students to achieve the skills necessary to work in the field of tourism.

Tourism that is collaborative, digital, eco-friendly, accessible and local. Tourism that is K-TOUR.

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How VET education helps industry and vice versa

The PTI of Kortrijk started a collaboration with Pertersime (world’s largest producer of incubators) for the construction of a real chicken house as a test lab in the school.

VET students and teachers breed every 6 weeks 500 chickens from 50g to +/- 3kg under different but standardized conditions. They feed and do the 2 weekly weighing of the animals. The data generated here is the basis for studies on feed conversion.